What is Social Selling?

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Social selling is when a company or individual uses social media networks to connect with prospects, build connections and drive leads.

In the words of Julie Atherton, on the DMI podcast: “social selling is about supercharging your personal profile, and building relationships that really last a long time, and are mutually beneficial to you and to the people that you’re trying to sell to”.

Many salespeople use social selling to help reach their quotas. The technique helps to get people into the sales funnel so you can provide relevant information at the right time and drive a purchase.

While social selling involves using social media to engage, another term often used in this context is digital selling, a broader version of sales that uses online technologies and sales tech. This includes channels such as:

  • Websites (e-commerce)
  • Chatbots
  • Data analytics
  • A Customer Relationship Management system
  • Automation
  • Online presentations or webinars
  • Sales intelligence



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