Digital Sales Pitches and Messaging

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A sales pitch is something that a sales representative communicates to draw a customer in and encourage them to buy something from a brand. However, consumers do not want to be told what to purchase. Indeed, being forcefully persuaded to buy anything can be a turn-off for customers. Many would rather make decisions on their own and shop autonomously.

Customers have their preferences, but this does not mean that they do not like to be helped. A sales pitch should not be a lecture telling someone what to buy, but, instead, it should be an exchange between the seller and the consumer. Having a conversation makes the sales relationship more personal and minimizes the cold, unrelatable feeling that some sellers can exude.

Many sellers tend to focus on the selling experience rather than the buying experience itself, which can be unfavorable for a business. Customers decide whether to continue supporting your brand based on their experience.

According to statistics illustrated by Salesforce, 93% of communication is non-verbal. When it comes to digital sales, messaging and interacting with clients non-verbally is primary. Both parties remain behind screens. However, to ensure that your sales pitch is understood by the consumer, it is vital that you implement realistic tactics to ensure that a smooth transaction ensues.

Adjust Your Selling Strategies as Required to Suit the Client

A sales pitch is used to initiate a sale. It is a message to a client in order to introduce or spark interest in a product or service. However, not all clients are the same! Some clients are more knowledgeable than others. Hence, your pitch should be modified to address the unique needs of your audience. However, when adjusting your message to use your audience, make sure you still remain consistent with your brand.

In the digital realm, sometimes it can be difficult to understand what clients want unless you blatantly ask them. However, if a client reaches out to you for assistance, do not overwhelm them by jumping straightaway to a sales pitch. Help them first and respond to their questions. Show that you are there to help them.

Once you have indicated your willingness to help, and you have proven your value to them, then proceed with further inquiries or suggestions, but cautiously. Have a conversation with the consumer. You can better understand their needs by conversing with them, asking questions to uncover their issues, and responding to their inquiries. Once the sales relationship has been nurtured, you will then understand how to approach clients and how to present your pitch.

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Create a Genuine Connection

Being helpful and personable is the new modern sales pitch. Consumers need supportive buyer–seller relationships that foster trust and subsequently sales. Buyers are clued in and can see through a masterful sales pitch. Authenticity matters to the modern consumer. So you need to establish a relationship that is realistic and sincere. If you are unable to develop a genuine connection with your buyer, you’ll struggle to increase sales.

Customers yearn for connections and exceptional customer experience. If your company cannot meet these expectations, consumers will look elsewhere. As indicated by Gladly’s 2018 Customer Services Expectations Survey, 92% of the 1,000 consumers polled mentioned that they would stop supporting a brand after a maximum of three bad experiences. Of the 1,000, 26% said they would stop after just one! These findings indicate that customer service is crucial in the success of any company, and customers are serious about wanting the best experience.

In the digital world, making personal connections can be challenging, considering the lack of face-to-face interaction. However, connections can be made by finding similarities and approaching clients not only with the intention of selling but also with the desire to fuel a relationship.

According to a Harvard Business Review, emotional connections drive significant improvements in financial outcomes. Therefore, you must establish strong customer relationships. By strengthening connections, you can fuel customer retention and loyalty. This also reduces market rejection and the likelihood of individuals speaking ill of your brand. Creating worthwhile connections differentiates you from your competitors and establishes a positive experience.

Develop Your Online Messaging Skills

When you are speaking to a person you can’t see, it can be difficult for that person to understand what you are saying. Because the person can’t see you, you need to choose your words (and images) carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Hence, as far as non-verbal communication is concerned, especially in the digital world, clear and concise wording is pivotal.

Good communication is essential for success in the business world. It provides further insight into what clients want, and it enables businesses to interact with them effectively. Social media, email, and other forms of digital messaging are at the forefront of communicating online and interacting with clients. You are speaking with clients directly via these platforms or by using posts, such as videos, photos, and other content. However, to ensure that you are connecting with clients effectively, a bright tone and message are critical.

Before constructing your message, think about what topic you want to address, what you want to say about that topic, and who you are speaking to. High-quality content is clearly written to be influential and captivating. Keep your posts short, straightforward, and informative. Once you’ve established what you want to say and how you want to say it, you can work in your subtle sales pitch.

A Personal Touch Can Make a Difference Before and After a Sale

In order to deliver excellent customer service, you need to add a personal touch to the customer experience. E-commerce companies such as Amazon offer recommendations that are matched based on the buying history of their clients or recent items they have searched. This adds a personal touch to the customer experience. It indicates to consumers that your company is paying attention to their preferences and is willing to accommodate them.

The reality is customers want to be treated as individuals, not just a number. Although they are small actions, providing recommendations, using a customer’s name in communications, and offering exclusive services will all make a customer feel like they have been acknowledged and that they are appreciated by your company. Every little thing you can do to enhance the buyer’s journey will make for a positive customer experience, which sets the foundation for a long, happy, and fruitful relationship between seller and buyer.

Based on Gladly’s 2018 Customer Services Expectations Survey, of the 1,000 surveyed, 59% thought that being treated like an individual was more important than how quickly issues were resolved. Hence, adding a personal touch elevates the customer experience and improves how clients respond to your brand.

Customers want to feel connected to your company. They want to feel as though they play a substantial role in driving your company forward. And they want to feel noticed and recognized by your company.
When you express gratitude to your customers in some way, you increase their emotional investment in your company. Sending a personal thank you note or message to customers after a purchase is a great way to add a feeling of warmth and connection. This note can be handwritten and placed in packages, or it can be sent via email from a CEO or a person of executive status in the company. There are applications such as ‘Happy Mail’ by Beeketing for Shopify that can be integrated into your e-commerce platform and provide this service. Positive unexpected interactions of this nature strengthen relationships and advocacy of your brand. It can solidify a sale and increase the potential for repeat business.

The digital era is growing exponentially, and advertisers must consider implementing digital sales tactics and strategies to acquire customers, keep them interested, and score a sale. But before you can see big bumps in sales figures, you need to be planning your campaigns, sending messages with clarity, drawing an emotional connection, and building a true relationship between yourself and the client.

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