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CAPCOM launches new Monster Hunter mobile game that plays like Candy Crush

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Monster Hunter is one of the most popular franchises, but not on mobile. Many casual gamers feel intimidated by the complexity of the Monster Hunter games, not to mention that most of them require decent reflexes to avoid getting pounded by the monsters you hunt.

Well, it looks like CAPCOM wants to change that perception, at least on mobile. Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Isles is a new mobile spin-off that plays exactly like Candy Crush but with Monster Hunter creatures and items.
Basically, this is a match 3 puzzle game where both hardcore and newcomers to the Monster Hunter series will feel right at home. For those interested in the narrative, the game features a bunch of Felynes, each with their own stories.
The goal of the game is to solve their problems and bring back the islands they inhabit to life. Gameplay-wise, if you’ve played a Candy Crush game before, you’ll immediately recognize the formula, despite CAPCOM calling it “advanced match 3 puzzles.”

Pieces move diagonally as well as vertically and horizontally

Solve puzzles to repel the monsters that appear

Populate your island with new Felynes by solving puzzles

Raise your “Pawtential” and earn skills that will help solve puzzles

Compete with players around the world and earn ranking rewards

Expect tons of items from the Monster Hunter series, including weapons, monsters, and consumables, which can be used to get combos. Obviously, you’ll be challenged by various monsters that threaten the Felynes, which are brought from the Monster Hunter series.

The game also allows players to use materials from quests to change items’ designs, dress up their avatars in their favorite clothes, and even invite friends to their island.
Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Isles is available for free on Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and App Store. Of course, the game features in-app purchases, but most of them seem to be related to customization.

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