Best Ways to improve Your Society

Here are five ways we actually can improve our society without creating economic chaos:
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1. Generosity.

Why do we need the government to tell us to take care of our neighbors? We should be active in our communities in whatever ways we can, whether through financial assistance or time commitments. University students already do this through fundraising, service trips and community volunteering. When we graduate, let’s keep helping those in need around us. Don’t forget, those we help in our communities certainly have a lot to teach and help us in return.

2. Responsibility.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Sure, there are times when others are to blame for problems in our lives, but we have to be proactive and do things for ourselves. For those with families, make sure you are helping to take care of physical and emotional needs alike. Young people need to work hard to find a job rather than just giving up and blaming “the system.” We should admit our mistakes if we’ve wronged someone and then work to make up for those same mistakes. Responsibility means hard work, discipline and recognition of our individual selves. Let’s take responsibility for our own lives.

3. Civility.

Society lacks enough respect and civility. Let’s change that. Even if we disagree with someone, let’s do it with respect and prudence by not turning it into a personal vendetta. This might mean we have to find more patience — I definitely do — to be respectful of others. Imagine a society in which we are more polite to one another. It would be only a good thing.

4. Education.

By virtue of reading this column, you certainly are committed to education. Education includes classes in a building, but it also means learning about the world around us. Get to know your friends, family and community better. Become an informed voter by researching candidates — it might take just a few minutes. If you have a passion for the environment, learn the policies and actions that affect it. If you want to blog about sports, read and watch sports news so you can give an educated opinion.

5. Participation.

None of these ideas matter if we are not active in our communities. Participation includes voting, volunteering or any activity that contributes to the good of the community. We have to take the time to commit ourselves to whatever community we are a part of so we can better it. We should participate with a joyous, giving spirit, not with a sense of obligation. If we all work to better the community with our respective talents, we certainly will have a better society. But we have to get ourselves invested and involved.

Notice none of these ideas really involves the government. Though many of the ideas overlap, they all require individual responsibility and effort. Instead of just relying on a government or other body to improve our society, let’s improve it ourselves. And while these ideas do not solve all of society’s problems, they could only help us. Millennials, let’s lead by example.

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